What To Do When You’ve Lost Motivation

What should you do when you’ve lost motivation? This doesn’t just apply to the gym, motivation effects us in all of the areas of our lives. Business life, social life, gym memberships, new years resolutions. All of these things are effected by motivation. How do we get it back? Do you just have to wait? Or can you train yourself to not even need motivation? Read on to find more…

So you’ve lost motivation, you’ve smashed it for 2 days, 2 weeks or even 2 months at the gym and you just aren’t feeling it any more. You quit, you go back to your old diet and you give up. As a personal trainer I’ve seen this so many times with clients and i’ll continue to see it for the rest of my career. Every year people make new years resolutions to get in shape, lose weight, get toned up and get some muscles. And every year out of every 10 people only about 1 or 2 people stick to it. That’s a huge drop off rate of 80 to 90%, which is absolutely crazy but normal. Maybe you can relate? But what can you do about it? Are you doomed to just repeat this cycle every year? The answer is no. There are several tactics to getting your motivation back and the points below are specific to getting back motivation to get to the gym.

Tip 1: Think about why you started.

When we’ve lost motivation in the gym or with exercise it’s generally because we aren’t seeing the results we want, or because we aren’t getting there quickly enough. Now there could be hundreds of reasons why you aren’t getting the results you want. Check out this article on the Top Ten Weight Loss Mistakes to ensure you aren’t making any of these. If your sure you aren’t making any mistakes and you’re doing everything right then just appreciate these things take time. You might have four or five stone to lose, and if after a month you’ve only lost 5 or 6 pounds then it can be easy to lose motivation. But think about why you started. You were in a position that made you feel you had to make a change, maybe it’s to impress your crush or look big and muscly for the ladies. Or maybe it’s something more serious and you’re doing it for your health. Just remember the reasons you started are your own, and they were important to you. You can’t quit because you don’t have a bum like Nikki Minaj after 3 weeks in the gym, or because you haven’t lost a stone in a week. Transformations take time, stick to the grind and you’ll get there. But you must be patient.

Tip 2: Hire a personal trainer.

Okay so you might have clicked off the article at this point, you’re probably thinking this is just a way for me to plug my services. Not necessarily, you don’t have to hire me or anybody else for that matter. But personal training works, if you get a good PT. The biggest thing it helps most people with is motivation. The vast majority of my clients have said themselves that they wouldn’t come to the gym if it wasn’t for our sessions, and quite a lot of them only come to the gym for their personal training sessions. The bottom line is a personal trainer is someone who can help you with any questions you have, they are there to pick you up when you aren’t motivated. They’re there to hold your hand (figuratively) throughout the entire transformation process, and because of this their clients get the results they want. A personal trainer is both a trainer and a hype man, bigging you up every step of the way so that you feel awesome for coming to the gym. If you do want to hire me as an online or offline personal trainer then click this link here.

Tip 3: Forget motivation, you need to discipline!

This is by far the biggest tip. If you can’t afford a personal trainer, and you’ve had a heart to heart with yourself about why you started and you still think you’ve lost motivation then forget about motivation. Just do it. Just go to the gym, you’ll only feel bad if you don’t. Every time you think you need to go to the gym and you don’t feel motivated then go stand in front of a mirror and say boo hoo to yourself, then smile and go anyway. The truth is you don’t need motivation to do anything, it feels good when we’re motivated to do something. You feel proud when you go the gym when you’re motivated and you’re in a good mood. But do you think olympic athletes are motivated 365 days a year to train 8 to 10 hours a day? Probably not. So why do they do it? The answer is they’re disciplined. Train your discipline and you won’t need to feel motivated every again. You’ll just go regardless.

So how do you do that? You simply go whether you feel like it or not. It’ll be tough at first, but they say a habit takes around 21 days to form. So go to the gym two or three times a week for three weeks regardless of if it’s raining, if you’ve had a stressful day or even if you just don’t feel like it. Around that three week mark, maybe a little bit longer you’ll feel a change. Suddenly you’ll be going to the gym and it won’t be a struggle, it’ll almost be like going to work in the morning or brushing your teeth.

Hopefully this short article has given you some insight on what to do when you feel like you’ve lost motivation. Just think about why you started in the first place, hire or even just ask a personal trainer for advice and just remember you don’t need motivation in the first place. You need discipline and habit.



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