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Tom Newsham Fitness can tailor a fitness program specifically for you, giving health and fitness advice at a place that is most suitable to your requirements. Read about our meal and workout plans for more information on how you can transform your body.

A professional personal trainer

Whatever your physical goals, Tom is here to help you achieve them! Whether its weight loss, toning or overall fitness; our personalised workout and diet plans are guaranteed to see results. He tailors each workout to your individual needs and circumstances, ensuring that they will maximise your progress. Tom trains at 247 fitness, Clifton moor, York and offers personal training to members there. As well as doing home sessions.

 Nutritional advice

Tom can also offer his expert, qualified advice on nutrition based on your goals. He will write a diet plan tailored to you to help maximise results. Tom trained at York college and gained the personal training qualification under the YMCA governing body meaning he can offer a professional service at all times. For more information on any of Tom’s services don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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Get fit today with personal training from Tom Newsham Fitness across Easingwold, Stamford Bridge and York. Call 07803 802 947

After taking some bad advice from other trainers who said you needed to "eat big to get big" you can see my results from this in the left photo. I decided to fix my diet after Christmas in order to lose all the fat I'd gained on my dirty bulk. As you can see from the after picture, which is taken around the middle of April I had managed to go from about 20% body fat to around 10% body fat, while achieving a slim and athletic look which didn't look unachievable or unnatural.