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Fat loss is hard. Tom Newsham Fitness makes it easier.

If you're not hating every single bland mouthful of food, dreading your next meal, and constantly feeling hungry, you can't be losing fat and getting leaner... WRONG!

While quick-fix diets may encourage this, in the hope that you drop pounds rapidly, there is no way to ensure you're losing fat, muscle or water. You need a plan that is created for you and your goals, whether that be building muscle or losing fat!

Not only that, you need a meal plan that includes all your favourite foods! There are no banned foods, and there shouldn't be. Why does a diet have to feel like a diet? You can and should lose weight eating healthy options, but also incorporating some of your favourite foods.

This will help you stick to the meal plan and carry on seeing the results that you want to see! There is no point in having a meal plan that causes you to rebound and binge on foods you've been deprived of after all! Are you ready to lose weight and never find it again?

Here's how we do it...

No cookie cutter diet plans

Within 1-2 days of ordering, Tom will contact you to start the process of creating your custom meal plan! Before you start, he’ll ask you questions all about you lifestyle, habits and food preferences – what are your favourite foods, what your schedule is like etc. This allows him to create a plan that is the perfect fit for you and makes it really easy for you to change your food habits and start making progress as soon as possible. He will also ask about your eating history so that we can determine what hasn’t worked for you in the past. This is to ensure that you get to where you want to be with minimal stress and effort.

It's not just weight loss

In fact, we don’t even really like the term ‘weight loss’. Weight loss implies that you’re wasting away, becoming skinny and unhealthy (just like what happens if you follow those FAD diets). We help you to achieve your dream physique and your goals, whether that means losing body fat to look more toned and defined, building muscle mass, or even improving your athletic performance.


How many ‘diets’ have you done in the past where you’re given a plan and then left solely to your own devices? And how many have you done where you get constant support from day one, get to ask questions of your coach, talk through any struggles you may be having, and have someone take the thinking process and the stress out of improving your physique? At Tom Newsham Fitness, we like that second approach much more. And that’s why we will be there for you every step of the way.

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