How to lose weight with Cheat Meals

Losing weight can be difficult, boring and often depressing. However there is a way to lose weight and enjoy your favourite foods from time to time… in fact I recommend it. So read on if you want to know how to lose weight with cheat meals.

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So how do you lose weight with cheat meals? Well in the video below I explain how dieting effects your hormones. Different people are effected slightly differently and believe me there is MUCH more to this than just these hormones. But in a nutshell I explain that the three main hormones that are effected when you diet (that can also effect your weight loss) are Leptin, Ghrelin and certain Thyroid hormones.


Leptin is a hormone that regulates appetite and effects energy balance. Studies have found that leptin levels decrease once on a calorie deficit and especially when the individual is restricting carbohydrates. Because of this we want to keep leptin levels as high as possible during our diet, cutting phase or whatever you want to call it. This allows you to feel hungry when you’re hungry and also energised. A person with low leptin levels will feel lethargic and will usually have an out of control appetite. Hands up if you’ve ever felt like that on a diet.


Ghrelin could be thought of as the opposite to leptin. It basically stimulates appetite, therefor increasing it. Ghrelin actually increases when we are on low calorie diets. It is essentially the bodies response to you losing weight, your hormones want to keep you the way you are and this is called homoeostasis. A person with high levels of Ghrelin will feel an increase in appetite.

So these two actually work against us on our fat loss goal, but hang on what about Thyroid Hormones? Well Thyroid hormones can suppress your metabolism when on a calorie restricted diet. This means they work against you as well by reducing the amount of calories you burn during your workouts, when you’re recovering or even when you’re sleeping.

Hopefully that hasn’t been too much science on hormones for you and you’re still with me but how do we combat this? Well we can easily combat this with a cheat meal. Yes a cheat meal. Doughnuts, ice cream, pizza, burgers, lasagna and anything else you’ve been craving. With regular cheat meals your body stops panicking and eases off on the ghrelin production and allows your thyroid and leptin levels to remain high.

So enjoy the video below “How to lose weight with cheat meals” and hopefully you found this article helpful!

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