Everything you need to know about cheat meals – Part 2

Checkout part 1 here.

Last time we went over the basics of a cheat meal, frequency and cheat meals and cheat days. This time we’re checking out some more frequently asked questions about cheat meals.

Q: What is a re-feed day?

A: A re-feed day is complete different to a cheat day. To put it simply it functions similar to a cheat day but you are limited to what foods you can eat. It is mainly high carbohydrate, low protein and low fat. They are usually used by people on low carb diets.

Q: Should I workout on the same day as my cheat meal.

A: It doesn’t really matter. I’ve had great workouts after i’ve had a cheat meal because of the amount of calories i’ve ingested. However sometimes you feel sluggish and lethargic and your workouts suck. You can burn some of those calories off, but it goes back to feeling guilty about having a cheat meal. Which you shouldn’t.

Q: Is there anything I should avoid?

A: No. Just foods you don’t like.

Q: Is there anybody who shouldn’t have a cheat meal.

A: The only people who shouldn’t have a cheat meal are people who are competing in a physique competition like a body building show or people who are on a strict diet for medical reasons, be it diabetes or morbidly obese. Listen to your doctor and don’t stray from what they say. If you’re competing in a competition then listen to your coach, they should let you know when to have a cheat meal.

Q: Should I go all out or should I portion my cheat meal?

A: It’s best to portion it. So don’t eat a full pizza, eat half a pizza. Don’t have 12 beers, have 2 or 3. Just eat a regular sized meal. There’s no need to pig out. Eat until your full and then stop.

Q: Should I eat even if i’m full?

A: No. If you’re full your body is telling you that you’ve had enough food. Listen to it and just skip this cheat meal, or have it the next day. Chances are if you’re having two or three cheat meals a week then you won’t have to wait long before your next one rolls around.

That’s pretty much all of the questions about cheat meals I can think of. Leave comments below if you feel any have been left out.

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