Christmas Gift Cards for personal training in york

Give the gift of fitness this Christmas…

We’re all in the same boat after Christmas and New Year are over, we feel fat, bloated, hung over and determined to make a change. So it’s no surprise that year after year gyms up and down the country see their busiest month of the year in January. So why is the gym back to normal in February? Motivation drops maybe, life gets in the way, maybe even some people actually achieve their fitness goals and quit after they’ve achieve it

But by far the main reason is because new people go to the gym without someone showing them effective exercises that will help them tone up and get in shape. So imagine if you could let yourself or your friend get prepared for the new year period and hire them a personal trainer and weight loss expert to guide them through it exercise by exercise.

That’s why i’m offering gift cards this year. 

For anybody who is planning on joining 247 fitness in York, or wants training at home you can purchase a gift card for yourself or a friend for personal training sessions in York. I am offering four different types of gift card for people at a reduced rate of £25 per session (never seen before at The gift cards are as follows:

1 Session: £25

3 Sessions: £75

6 Sessions: £150 (Best seller)

10 Sessions: £250

You can also enquire about gift cards for the site for £25, £30 £50 and £100 if you are interested in a meal plan or diet plan.

If you are wanting a gift card for personal training in York then send an email over to



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