Beginner workouts part 2: Push pull legs routine

Welcome back to my series on beginner workouts, last time we checked out a full body routine. This time we will be checking out a push, pull and legs routine. This routine is by far my favourite and i’ve seen some great results from this routine from when i’ve been trying to lose fat and retain muscle or when i’ve been trying to build muscle. So let’s check out who this routine is for and who this routine is not for.

This routine is a very flexible routine, but it all depends on how many times you can make it to the gym during the week. For this routine to work you need to be getting in 3 workouts per week, minimum. No ifs, no buts, 3 workouts per week. If you’re going to find that difficult then you may want to check out the full body routine from last time, or the upperbody and lower body split that we will be looking at next time. If you feel you can make it to the gym more than 3 times a week then that’s perfect for this routine too. You can incorporate cardio and core days into this routine, or what i prefer to do is to follow the routine three days in a row, rest for a day and then follow the routoine for another three days. Totalling 6 days per week. Let’s break down this beginner workout and we’ll look into what workouts to do and what order to do them in.

The routine

For this routine, your workouts will be shorter than you may expect. You can be in and out of the gym in 45 to 60 minutes if you keep your rest periods short and intensisty high. Remember you’re going for frequency with this workout routine and not volume per workout. By training each body part once or twice a week, you may feel this is less of a beginner workout and more of a intermidiate workout. Stick with the plan and any soreness will go away, you will be especially sore if you train each body part twice per week. You’ll be doing three different routines throughout the week, so let’s check out each day and the exercises within those individual workouts.

Day 1: Legs and core

We’re starting off with out leg workout, I like to hit my abdominal muscles on every leg day, but if you prefer to hit them seperately or one the push or pull day then go ahead.

Exercise 1: Squats 3 x 6 to 8

Exercise 2: Lunges 3 x 8 each leg

Exercise 3: Hack squat 3 x 8

Exercise 4: Leg press 3 x 8

Exercise 5: Leg extension 3 x 10

Exercise 6: Leg curl 3 x 10

Exercise 7: Hyperextension 3 x 15

Exercise 8: Ball crunch 3 x 15

Exercise 9: Russian twist 3 x 12 each side

Exercise 10: Planks (3 x 30 seconds) into leg raises (3 x 10)

Day 2: Pull

Exercise 1: Deadlifts 3 x 6 to 8

Exercise 2: Pull ups 3 x to failure

Exercise 3: Heavy wide grip pull downs 3 x 6

Exercise 4: Close grip row 3 x 8

Exercise 5: Dumbbell row (use a bench) 3 x 8 each side

Exercise 6: Cable pull overs 3 x 10

Exercise 7: Face pulls 3 x 10

Exercise 8: Shrugs 3 x 8 to 12

Exercise 9: Dumbbell curls 3 x 10 each arm

Exercise 10: Seated dumbbell curls 3 x 10

Day 3: Push

Exercise 1: Flat bench press 3 x 6 to 8

Exercise 2: Bar bell clean and press 3 x 6 to 8

Exercise 3: Arnold presses 3 x 8

Exercise 4: Straight bar dips 3 x to failure

Exercise 5: Press ups 3 x to failure

Exercise 6: Lateral raise 3 x 8 to 10

Exercise 7: Flys 3 x 8 to 12

Exercise 8: Cable flyes 3 x 8 to 12

Exercise 9: Ez bar arm extensions 3 x 10

Exercise 10: Rope push downs 3 x 10


So there we go, that’s the routine. As always women can increase the reps slightly to 10 to 15 repititons of each exercise. Out of all of the beginner workouts i’ve put on this site, this is by far the hardest and it’s actually more advanced than either of the other two beginner workouts in this series. Having said that the results will come if you follow this routine, it’s a great routine. Just keep the rest periods short and sweet. Anywhere between 90 to 120 seconds on each exercise. Remember to warm up and cool down as well. Next time we’ll check out the upper body and lower body split. See you soon!





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