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With Tom Newsham Fitness in York you can lose weight quickly and safely by following his exceptional meal plans and fitness routines. Get the body you deserve and start today, not tomorrow, not next week but right now.

Tasty meal plans

Food is a big part of our lives, we all enjoy eating it! That’s why our meal plans cut out the fat, but not the taste. You can totally replace your current diet with one of our meal plans as they’re specifically designed to give you all the nutrients, calories and minerals needed to function day to day.

Personalised workout routines

We understand that not everyone has time to spend hours at the gym every day. Our personalised workout routines are not only tailored to your ability, but to your lifestyle too meaning you can live healthier without the stress of fitting everything in.

Online training

You need motivation, that’s why you’re here looking at our website. For most people, it isn’t finding the time, money or knowledge to live a healthy lifestyle, it’s the effort which is why we’re proud to offer both online personal training across the UK, and offline, face to face, personal training in York.

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Online fitness coaching -12 week course

Want to lose fat, build muscle, or both? I offer full online fitness coaching to a maximum of ten people at any one time. This is to ensure that you get the attention and availability of your personal trainer when you need it. E-coaching includes:

  • A personalised workout plan that evolves and develops over time
  • Personalised meal plans
  • Full macronutrient coaching
  • Skype sessions every week with Tom
  • Full time communication and support from Tom

We provide tailored meal plans